Nashville, TN has more than a few musicians in residence. Some are great singers. Some are great dancers. Some are great players. But few can combine the three traits to such a high degree of excellence to become great performers as well as Christina Reckard. She stands out in a crowd. She lights up a stage. She captivates an audience. Pure and simple. .. Christina’s live performances will consist of many elements. Tinges of latin and calypso music intertwine nicely with more traditional country and rock elements. A lineup of A list Nashville musicians lays a musical foundation upon which Christina adds the all important “flavor”; the icing on the cake. Each moment is infused with a hypnotizing life and energy rarely seen. Make no mistake – she IS the show, but it is the “completeness” of her skills that leave a listener fully satisfied at the end. Afterwards, you’ll marvel at her voice. You’ll tell your friends about her elegant yet deliciously raw presence on the stage. You’ll remember how tight the band was. But you’ll FEEL the “totality”; the seamless fusion of styles, skills and sound. Christina Reckard is the performer that most musicians strive to be.